Identifying Whey & Casein rates is very important when choosing the best baby formula to feed your baby, as their balance facilitates milk’s digestion. 
The following explanation will help you understand how.

As we know breast milk contributes in the most complete way to babies’ growth and nutrition, thus, in normal conditions, the most a baby formula resembles to breast milk, the best.

Whey and Casein are both protein compositions, where Whey is more liquid, optimal for digestion. In the contrary Casein has a curd texture and is heavier to digestion.

In human milk, proteins account approximately to 60% of whey, while 40% accounts to casein. Yet, Whey/Casein ratios may vary from, 70/30 to 50/50.

Cow's milk is the closest in structure to human breast milk, mainly because it contains whey and casein proteins, though the ratios achieve even opposite values to those of human milk (20% Whey and 80% of Casein).

Consequently, the composition of cow's milk-based Baby Formulas result in a greater percentage of casein, making them more difficult for the baby to digest than breast milk, still these Formulas are the most similar possible to mothers’ milk as they add other sources of whey protein.

In this order, ensuring that protein comes from cow milk, is one first tip for a good formula choice. Please beware on the reaction of your baby to the formula chosen, in case your baby has intolerance to cow milk please consult your doctor for alternatives as soy and rice sources.

Golden Premium Formula protein comes from cow’s milk and has a fair ratio of 0.8 Casein/Whey accordingly to cow protein’s composition, and complemented with demineralized whey.
In addition, Golden Premium Formulas have a slight difference between each level, with the purpose of suiting better each stage of babies’ growth and development, increasing or decreasing quantities but keeping the same 
Casein/Whey ratio.


By: GoldenLevel , September 2017


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