To take the best decision of either breastfeeding or formula based feeding your baby, many factors have to be taken into account. Breastfeeding is the most natural and most recommended process to feed your baby, though it is not always easy and in some cases, is not even possible.

Don’t panic! There’s a tested and approved method that will provide your baby with all he/she needs at this important stage of life. Cases in which bottle feeding is recommended involve for example our modern mums around the world, with a lack of time to do so, who after their maternity allowance are led to a lack of conditions to breastfeed every time the baby needs.

Other mums are advised to go for baby formula method due to improper physiological conditions of the baby’s mouth and tongue or by preterm babies. In some other cases by improper mum’s health conditions for example cases on which breastmilk I not produced in enough quantity. Another percentage of mums take their own decision not to breastfeed, concerned that the food, medication, coffee, alcoholic beverages and smoking habits can be passed along to their babies through their milk and prefer to avoid that their diets or lifestyle won't supply all the nutrients their baby needs.

Alcoholic beverages are concentrated in breast milk and it can inhibit milk production – says the American Academy of Pediatrics. "An occasional celebratory single, small alcoholic drink is acceptable, but breastfeeding should be avoided for two hours after the drink." Another group of new mums avoid breastfeeding to keep their breast shape unchanged. Infection is another reason, Mastitis an infection of the breast tissue that results in breast pain and swelling. It most commonly affects women during the first three months of breastfeeding, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Breastfeeding affects each woman differently, thus the number of mums counting on science and sanity of production of baby milk is growing and the production of infant formulas enhancing to replace breast milk the most proper and advanced ways possible. When choosing your baby’s milk make sure it is produced based on the last recommendations of the World Health Organization, these ones contain the most optimal compositions to supply all nutritional needs to your baby, as they are the most similar to breast milk. And last but not least make sure you follow the instructions and prepare it properly!

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